"Michelin" is a world leader in automotive accessories, seeking technical innovation since 1898 One of the most important goals of this brand is to create only the highest quality products that are sustainable and safe to use. And at the same time - to offer every driver exclusive car accessories.

Creator of exclusive automotive fragrances, using the best production techniques and exclusive fragrance oils from Italy and France. The products ensure not only a pleasant smell in the car, but also friendliness to humans and nature. The manufacturer only works with partners who can guarantee safety and prove it with environmental certificates.

The manufacturer is known worldwide as the creator of an exclusive oil. Wolver can offer oil that does not lose its properties at low temperatures and allows the engine to operate in exceptional weather conditions - with high levels of salt or dust. The majority of the oils and greases produced are biodegradable and the components we used do not harm the environment.

The Tenzi detailer range offers exceptional quality products for manual car care. From effective shampoos and wax cleaners for washing, ceramic-based body protection products to interior cleaning products. The products will help you to remove even the most stubborn dirt and after all will make your car feel like it's just out of the cabin. 

Tasotti specializes in car and home fragrances. The brand combines quality and modern design to offer you the best of what it has to offer - a wide selection of fragrances for every taste. 

Yuko's product range includes more than 250 types of oils, including truck and agro-technical oils. The brand's research laboratory is ISO-certified and quality control is carried out in 4 stages.